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Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

An orange bucket fill with tools and supplies for buildilng maintenance services in Kamloops.

Building Maintenance Services

Our experienced maintenance crew provides a variety of services, from fix-it jobs and repairs to installations, painting, minor renovations, and everything in between.

A yellow mop bucket and a mop next to a plant, janitorial services in Kamloops.

Custodial & Janitorial Services

Receive customized janitorial solutions for your office, store, or apartment building. We offer general cleaning or detail work tailored to your specific needs. We provide daytime or evening/night cleaning for your convenience.

A blue recycling bin in an office cleaning services Kamloops.

Recycling Services

Don't have a recycling dumpster? We'll set you up with bins and take care of the sorting and recycling for you. These are excellent in break rooms for bottles, coffee pods, and shredded paper or at print stations for non-confidential paper recycling.

Sweeping up leaves with a broom and dustpan for building maintenance services in Kamloops.

Parkade & Lot Maintenance

Keep your parking lot tidy with weekly or monthly sweeping and garbage clean-up. We'll help keep your parking lot clean and presentable for those using it.

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